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Saturday, 12 May 2007

MOTDs of Liverpool Matches 06-07

all the MOTDs of Liverpool Matches 06-07 from stage-6, of psychohare's account. All the caps and credits got to Richie2710, Fred54, Pompey Lad (Niko Toxic), CG8, kingluisgarcia, and to everybody else. Thanks to psychohare for finding time and bandwidth to upload loads and loads of liv videos. None of the credit should go to me and rightly to all those who have capped and continue to provide quality MOTD. Psychohare with ur permission:

All are direct links just right click and save as:

ars - liv http://divx-154.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1176188.divx
liv - ars http://divx-561.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1178517.divx

ast - liv http://divx-648.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1177786.divx
liv - ast http://divx-918.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1175380.divx

blkb - liv http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1176461.divx
liv - blkb http://divx-079.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1175993.divx

liv - bol http://divx-948.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1177671.divx
bol - liv http://divx-666.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1175258.divx

che - liv http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1174632.divx
liv - che http://divx-556.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1178075.divx

liv - eve http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1178644.divx
eve - liv http://divx-351.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1174566.divx

ful - liv http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1220364.divx
liv - ful http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1176349.divx

manc - liv http://divx-781.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1187918.divx
liv - manc http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1176275.divx

liv - manu http://divx-041.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1178195.divx
manu - liv http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1175375.divx

liv - mid http://divx-403.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1193958.divx
mid - liv http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1176238.divx

por - liv http://divx-878.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1209822.divx
liv - por http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1176306.divx

rea - liv http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1180888.divx
liv - rea http://divx-564.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1176152.divx

liv - shu http://divx-475.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1178164.divx
shu - liv http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1175218.divx

tot - liv http://divx-091.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1177379.divx
liv - tot http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1175240.divx

wat - liv http://divx-193.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1177629.divx
liv - wat http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1176433.divx

whu - liv http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1177760.divx
liv - whu http://divx-405.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1177760.divx

liv - wig http://divx-319.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1196211.divx
wig - liv http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1176327.divx

right click and save as

Liverpool Season Review 1992 - 1993: http://divx-380.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1210888.divx

Liverpool Season Review 1993 - 1994: http://divx-028.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1210145.divx

Liverpool Season Review 1994 - 1995: http://divx-573.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1208516.divx

Liverpool Season Review 1995 - 1996: http://divx-342.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1211898.divx

Liverpool Season Review 2004 - 2005:

part 1: http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1199203.divx
part 2: http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1197745.divx

501 Liverpool Goals:

part 1: http://divx-513.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1180625.divx
part 2: http://divx-528.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1180708.divx

Liverpool FC - The 70's : http://divx-983.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1180579.divx

Liverpool FC - The 80's : http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1181206.divx

100 Years of the KOP :

part 1: http://divx-144.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1179283.divx
part 2: http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1179430.divx

Champions of Europe:

1977 - Rome Sweet Rome : http://divx-754.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1190128.divx
1978 - London Calling : http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1194152.divx
1981 - Paris Match : http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1192093.divx
1984 - No Place like Rome : http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1192983.divx
2005 : http://divx-185.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1184704.divx

Olympiakos Special Documentary : http://divx-552.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1216016.divx

One Night in MAY:

part 1: http://divx-063.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1218090.divx
part 2: http://divx-137.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1220482.divx
part 3: http://divx-277.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1220496.divx

The Road to Istanbul:

part 1: http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1185217.divx
part 2: http://divx-561.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1186069.divx
part 3: http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1181239.divx
part 4: http://divx-349.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1181720.divx

Steven Gerrard - My Story : http://divx-348.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1215264.divx

Steven Gerrard - A year in my Life :

part 1: http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1220191.divx
part 2: http://video-veuillezpas.stage6.com/1220570.divx
part 3: http://divx-022.vo.llnwd.net/stage6vid/1220579.divx

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