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Saturday, 14 April 2007


Steve Hunter 14 April 2007
Rafa Benitez took time out ahead of the trip to Manchester City to chat to Liverpoolfc.tv about the race for third place, the forthcoming Champions League semi-final against Chelsea and the progress of his young players.
Rafa, we know you play Chelsea in the semi-finals of the Champions League soon but before that you do have some important matches to attend to in the Premiership first and foremost...

We need to think about Manchester City and it's an important game for us. It's clear we are in the semi-finals of the Champions League for the second time in three years and it's really positive for the club. We know that Chelsea will be a very difficult team to play against but before that we have three games in the Premiership and we need to be focused on that.

You say it's always difficult against Chelsea but you've found it fairly difficult playing away to Manchester City in the past...

City have won their last few games away from home and they have confidence. They are in a better position to what they were and they have players with quality and are a team that can play football. It's more difficult when a team is under pressure because they can make more mistakes but now with the pressure off relegation there won't be the same pressure. I hope we can go to Manchester City and win.

You talk about the race for third place but do you feel two more wins will be enough to guarantee you a Champions League place next season?

I think that will be the key. The target for us is to finish in the top four and progress in the Champions League. I think two wins will be enough but we want to win them all to finish third. We have three games in the Premiership before we play Chelsea and you never know in football, but if we can win two of them then it will be perfect. As manager of Liverpool Football Club I want to win the next game then the second and then the third one.

Is there any worry for you with games like the PSV one which was already pretty much won and Manchester City - sides who don't have a lot to play - for that you might not face a severe test before the Chelsea game?

When we played PSV this week we were talking the day before about the need to be professional and to do the right things and try to win. They had possession but I felt we controlled the game and we were always focused. The players know how important the Manchester City game is and how important the Middlesbrough and Wigan games' will be. The advantage for me is I can change players and I can decide if this player is more focused than another one for example. We have a good squad and we can use different players.

In a strange way would it be better if Arsenal were pushing you harder for that third spot or are you just happy to get it wrapped up as quickly as possible?

It is better to win your own games and you can't change what is happening with other teams.

Peter Crouch is closing in on 20 goals this campaign. What is your assessment of his performances for you this season?

I think he is playing well now. He has confidence and it's good for him and it's good for the team to see him scoring a lot of goals.

Talking of confidence, do you believe Jermaine Pennant is getting to the sort of level you expected from him when you signed him?

I think he is improving and I hope he will continue to improve in the future because he is more mature now. He needs to understand what it means to play for a top side. When he played for Arsenal he was too young but with the experience he has now I am confident he will improve.

Have you seen Pennant grow up here during his time at Liverpool?

Yes I think so. He is improving but we need to see him playing at a high level more consistently. I am happy with him now because he is understanding what it means to play for a top side.

You said last week you wanted to secure the long term futures of your more senior players. Has there been any new developments?

We are now progressing and talking with players and their agents. They have two more years left on their contracts and we are not in a hurry. Yes we want to secure their future and if we can progress then we will do it.

Going into the semi-finals of the Champions League are you confident you have enough fire-power because you have some injuries to Craig Bellamy and Robbie Fowler?

We have some injuries but they are not serious. The squad is strong and the confidence is high. We will try to keep our winning momentum and play well if it's possible.

Your youngsters are through to the final of the FA Youth Cup for the second season running. How important is that in terms of the overall structure of the club?

I have experience of Academies from Spain. The key is not to win trophies but to see the players progressing and ready for the first team. The Youth Cup final is important but it's more important to see maybe one of these players playing in the first team in the future. We need to see the progression of the players.

Does it make it more difficult for them to progress if you are bringing in top experienced players?

When I was at Real Madrid we had young players who played for the first team but they needed to be good players to play at that level. To have a player like Carra and Gerrard coming through every year would be perfect. For me the key of the Academy is to prepare Carras, one every year. Maybe in five years you could have a team of Carraghers! If you could say in five years we have five Carras and five Gerrards in your team then it would be good because we would have a lot of clean sheets and score a lot of goals!

Talking about homegrown players like Carragher and Gerrard, do you think the fans accept that sometimes players in the first team might not be local?

I think people understand that it's not possible to have 20 local players each year who are at the first team level. We need to work with the local players together with the foreign players. It's the same for all the top sides because if you want to win trophies then you need the best players. If the players are local players like Gerrard or Carra then perfect. It will be easier for me because they have the passion and love for the club. If you haven't got that then you need to bring other players in.

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