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Saturday, 24 March 2007


Liverpoolfc.tv 24 March 2007
Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez assesses the state of play in the race for a top four finish and looks back on last weekend's draw at Aston Villa in our latest interview.
Benitez, Rafael

Liverpoolfc.tv: What are your thoughts now when you look back at the game at Villa Park?

Rafael Benitez: I was disappointed after the game. I was trying to find something positive to say but really I was disappointed because it was a chance for us to get into the top three.

Why do you think it was such a flat performance from the team?

You try to analyse and understand why but it's not easy. Maybe it was because we were going into an international break again and maybe because we already thought we were in the top four and it was easy. Maybe we were thinking about PSV. I was disappointed.

Looking back, both Arsenal and Bolton lost so was it a point gained at the end of the weekend?

Yes, that is the positive thing. I am trying to be positive because really it wasn't a good game but we have one more point and that's good.

Three games in a row now without a goal – is that a cause for concern?

Yes but I think we were creating enough chances in the previous two games against Manchester United and Barcelona. The last one wasn't good but the previous two against top sides was good. I think we will score goals and continue creating chances.

How do you assess the race to finish in the top four?

It's clear we have to play Arsenal in our next game and we will fight for the third position. We need to keep going until the end of the season but we also have Champions League games so we need to stay focused.

Can you see Bolton, Everton or Tottenham threatening to join the battle?

It will be difficult for them. It's clear also that in football you can never say it's impossible but it will be difficult for them because they will need to win a lot of games in a row and we will need to lose some games also. We need to keep winning games and make sure we finish in the top four because it's really important to do so.

How hard is it to keep the players focused on the Premiership when, naturally, they'll be thinking about the Champions League?

That is the reason I was disappointed after the Aston Villa game because I wanted us to be nine points clear of Bolton. Now we are seven points ahead and we know we have difficult games coming up. For me focus is the key. It's not easy and we will try to give the players advice. They have experience. At the end of the day we have to do it.

We're now into another international break – is it a quiet and frustrating time for you at Melwood?

It will be quiet because we won't have a lot of players here. We will continue training with a mix of players from the first team and reserve team. At least you can prepare for the next week with calm.

You currently have 13 players out on loan across the country and the continent – how much are you kept informed with how they are all getting on?

We have reports on all of them and every week I talk with the scout department. We are watching them and I think it's an opportunity for them to show the quality that they have.

Is it because of your frustration at the amount of reserve team games in this country that you feel the need to send some younger players in particular out on loan?

It is clear that between 18 and 21 years of age you need to play. If you are a good player then normally you will go with the first team but if you are not quite good enough yet then you need to play at a higher level. Playing just 18 games in a reserve league for me is not enough for these players. Each one can decide what they want but for me if they want to improve their level they need to play competitive games which they can get in league football. For me that is the key for improving these players. Some people ask why England at this level is not winning a lot of tournaments and it is maybe because the players don't have a lot of experience.

Is the message that the players out on loan can still have a career at Liverpool if they do well and continue to improve?

Yes that is clear. We have sent the players on loan because for some of them after two years in the reserve team they need to play at another level and see if they can go one step forward and one step higher. We need to check these players at another level of competition.

On the injury front, what can you tell us about Luis Garcia's rehabilitation?
He is progressing and doing well. He just needs time. He was with us in Barcelona and the last time I met him he seemed really happy with the way things were going.

How close is Harry Kewell to a first team return?
Harry is getting closer all the time. He's had a long injury so we have to manage the situation properly, but he is almost ready. At the moment he can take part in parts of the training sessions, such as the warm-ups or when we work on passages of play, and he's probably ten days or so away from being able to take a full part. I would think he will be ready to play football for us within the next two to three weeks. If he is fit then of course we can use him. It will be good for us and for him.

Finally, how pleased are you to see the club's youth side reach the final of the FA Youth Cup for the second successive season?

I am really pleased that they are in the final again. I wish them all the best for the final and it is fantastic for the club and also for them.