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Thursday, 8 February 2007


Paul Eaton 08 February 2007
Jamie Carragher has revealed his conversations with George Gillett and Tom Hicks left him convinced the club is in the right hands for the future.
Carragher met both men the night before they were officially unveiled as the club's new co-chairmen, and he believes the Reds are now well placed to move to the next level.

"All the players have been talking to each other for the last few days and we're all excited this is going to move the club forward," he said.

"We're hoping it's going to help us get to the level of Manchester United. It would be nice to think we'll have as much money as Chelsea, but I think that's unrealistic. Being able to compete in the transfer market with United would be good enough, and being able to sign players of the calibre they've managed in the last ten years would make a big difference.

"I look at it as a supporter as much as a player, and the main thing is to have a great team competing for honours every year in a brilliant new stadium. That's a legacy which will serve the club for the next 100 years and our children and grandchildren will enjoy.

"We only spoke for ten to fifteen minutes on Monday night. They just told me and Stevie the same things as were mentioned in the press conference, telling us they had the interests of the club at heart and want to bring success to the club. That's all you want to hear, really.

"It was a privilege. We're just players really, so for them to feel they should come and speak to us was great for us.

"Now we're all delighted it's all sorted. I'm particularly pleased for the chairman that the club has put all this behind it now.

"I was at a function with him on Saturday night for Kenny Dalglish, and he was telling me how he's been having sleepless nights.

"He's spoken a lot about the trophies he has won, and the one thing we should remember is he's won every trophy as chairman except the Premiership.

"It always winds me up a bit when I hear people talking about needing a change to bring the trophies back to Anfield. We've won lots of trophies under David Moores. There aren't many clubs who’ve won as much as us lately.

"It's just that we all know the one we want most of all, and obviously there's the money we need for the stadium. That's the reason he's stepped down as chairman. It's got nothing to do with his record in charge.

"What we need in the future is what every top side needs. Good players who are capable of winning us the Premiership."

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